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Fic: Appropriate 2/3 and 3/3
by elamae (elamae)
at September 23rd, 2008 (12:32 pm)

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I was going to post part 2 and 3 yesterday morning (when my eyeballs were once again able to focus in the same direction) but I woke up to no internet connection (argggh!) No idea why, wireless connection seems to be there but I can't load any internet pages (b***** frustrating!). Then of course this morning I booked myself on the public computers during my tea break (I work at a library) and what happens?? The internet goes down *just* as I was due to go on. If you heard a scream at around 11:20am this morning it was probably me...

Managed to grab a PC that works at the other library I work at today so please find the next two parts under the links below. I'll post them together as they are not too long.

Title: Appropriate (2/3) and (3/3)
Author: elamae
Fandom: Spooks Code 9
Pairing: Charlie/Rob
Rating: FRMAO
Summary: My own take on Rob’s back story with the dead doctor and the chemistry I see between he and Charlie. This is set post ep6 and ‘a’ revelation about the events DS Philips was investigating during series 1. I might go back and write the prequel of that scene, but unfortunately my plot bunnies decided this was where the story should start. Apologies if I have missed anything out that was in that prequel scene in my head but hasn’t been explained here.
Disclaimer: I don’t own or have any affiliation with Spooks Code 9 or Kudos. This story is a complete work of my own fiction and is not linked in any way with the show.
Feedback: Is the marmite on my toast (I like marmite – a lot) Constructive criticism is cradled to my bosom like the blessing it is. Flames are put out by an well aimed raspberry.
Author’s notes: Un-beta’d as this was ripped from my brain at an ungodly hour and refused to wait until I’d written the entire damn thing and I couldn’t wait to get it out into the world. Also as this is such a new fandom I wasn’t sure where beta’s might be found. I haven’t written anything in such a long time :o) Spell checked and read over once but that’s about it. Apologies for any mistakes. Also, not sure about the title….The small hours of the morning do nothing for one brain power….*headthud*

Part Two:

Through the dark gloom and the body thumping music, Charlie watched. Hidden by the swath of bodies and shadows he gazed to his hearts fill. Rob was leant against a far pillar, a beer bottle in his had, smile lighting his face as he shared a joke with Kylie and Vik. Charlie watched as Rob suddenly turned his head and without any hesitation locked his eyes straight onto Charlie's, the smile never leaving his face.

Heart thumping in time to the beat of the music, Charlie resisted the urge to look away. Instead he returned the steady gaze, feeling the thrill of emotion running through already heightened senses, bolstered by the alcohol singing in his veins.

He had an idea about what was happening, even if neither of them had put it into actual words yet. His eyes roved over Rob as the other man turned away again, allowing himself the pleasure of just watching. Tall, lean, strong. The black shirt and black jeans hugging his figure and emphasising everything to Charlie’s hungry gaze.

He’d been shocked to realise where his feelings were taking back when he’d first joined Field Office 19. He’d been nervous of everyone at first, but he’d been wary of Rob in a way that he hadn’t with any of the others. They’d all been friendly, if rightly suspicious of him for a while. But with Rob, he’d sensed something different.

Not immediately though, he’d been quite friendly when they had taken him to the bar for the union jack challenge, but very quickly after that he’d sensed a certain coolness, which he eventually put down to the situation with Rachel and her seeming interest in him. It was fairly obvious, from watching and from listening to the others that Rob had a thing for her. Whether or not it was requited had taken a while to establish. When he realised it wasn’t, the small tingle of pleasure he’d felt wasn’t for the reason most would have assumed.

Yes, he’d been flattered by Rachel’s interest in him. She was gorgeous and not just physically. She was intelligent and friendly and pretty and everything you could ever dream of but when he’d really thought about it he’d realised that although he found her attractive – who wouldn’t really – ultimately she grew to be more of a friend than anything else.

When he’d realised the direction his feelings for Rob were heading he’d been unsettled. He’d experimented in uni, even geeks had hormones after all, but he’d never really come to any dramatic conclusions regarding his sexuality. He’d though that the tension that had grown between them was as a result of Rachel, but as time passed emotions became clearer and his realised that at least on his part, it had nothing to do with Rachel and everything to do with Rob.

But, because of who they were and who he was within the team there was no way anything could happen. Even if Rob was interested, which it was beginning to look as though he was, there were lines that shouldn’t be crossed. Sure, sleeping within the team wasn’t something that was banned or even discouraged. He had an idea that relationships at the office were probably more healthy than ones outside of it in their line of work but despite that, despite everything, he had a responsibility as team leader to ensure that the unit was not compromised by inappropriate relations between he and a member of his team.

A responsibility that was becoming harder and harder to uphold.

Rob brought the bottle up to his mouth again, taking a long gulp of the beer. He could feel the beads of sweat on his forehead and neck in reaction to the heat of the club. The cool condensation on the glass of his new beer was a welcome sensation as he ran it quickly over his neck. He had absolutely no willpower when it came to Kylie. Instead of a quiet night in with the TV and a beer he’d folded like the ‘bitch’ he was and followed her out to the group favourite haunt. He gazed over to where the short girl was dancing with both Jez and Vik, her face full of joy and laughter, the smile from ear to ear as she bumped and grinded against both of them. He grinned and wondered for the hundredth time why she’d never grown to be anything more than a good friend. A great friend. Someone closer to him than his own family.

He sighed and looked away, eyes searching the mass of bodies all writhing to the beat that hammered through his body. He’d lost sight of him earlier, lurking in the shadows.

He’d felt the tingle of being watched and had turned instinctively to lock gazes with intense brown orbs. Neither of them had turned away. Instead they’d both continued to look, allowing the barriers to break and the questions and nerves and uncertainties to flow in a open channel between them. Only when the direct view was blocked by rowdy club goers had the moment been lost.

He was sure now that Charlie was on the same page as him. The excitement and the anticipation was eating away at him. He knew the dangers. Mixing work and pleasure. But because of who they were, outside relationships weren’t always an option and he knew many many people whose relationships were now forged within the work environment.

He saw a beckoning hand and with a shake of his head watched the disappointed frown mar Kylie’s face. “Come on,” she mouthed, grinning, hips and body swaying enticingly as she crooked a finger at him.

He closed his eyes and with the air of someone going to their execution deposited his now empty beer bottle on a table as he moved on out onto the dance floor. Dancing had never been his strong suit but he let Kylie lead and followed the movements of her body as best he could. Trusting her and letting her take control. He felt Vik on one side and could sense Jez close behind, the company and the unity of their small group relaxing him in a way he could never feel else where.

He was so involved and drawn into the atmosphere and the rhythm that he was taken by surprise by the hands that wrapped around him from behind. Instinctively he knew that they were safe hands, but as he looked down and saw the arm now drawn around his waist he realised who it was.

Relaxing back into the solid body behind him he looked over at Kylie and saw her smile. She met his look and grinned, obviously thoroughly happy. Looking over towards Jez and Vik he saw no surprise there either, just two happy grinning faces.

Turning away he concentrated on the arms wrapped around him and the warm breath on the back of his neck. Still moving to the beat of the song, he moved his own hands to rest briefly on Charlie’s before sliding them down and onto the jeans covered hips behind him.

Lips pressed softly against the nap of his neck in a feather light touch and he shivered slightly. He lifted one hand to reach up and cup the side of Charlie’s head, fingers gently carding through the long dark strands of soft hair. The hand around his waist stroked across his stomach, hips behind him grinding into his ass. He swallowed and as he turned his head, felt Charlie’s mouth graduate down the side of his neck.

Suddenly it wasn’t enough. Turning within the circle of Charlie’s arms he wound an arm around the other boys torso and with the other he pulled and guided those lips to his own. It was a urgent first kiss. Full of heat and need and feeling those soft lips on his, Rob pushed deeper, arousal and desire thrumming through his veins like a drug as he thrust his tongue against Charlie’s, feeling the answering heat thrust back at him. His senses were full with the smell, the taste and the feel of the other man. It was overwhelming and exhilarating and he could feel himself getting pulled into the abyss. Two hands stroked across his back moving down to cup his ass and draw him to the other man. He moaned and felt an answering tremor run through the body flush against him.

Pulling away he drew back just far enough to mouth the word, “home.”

He turned and finding Charlie’s hand, threw a flushed grin at the other three as he pushed his way through the mass of bodies on the dance floor, intent on finding the exit.

Part 3:
One advantage of living in a shared flat was there was no discussion needed over whose place they were going to. Once through the front door, Rob led them straight to his room and as soon as the door was locked behind them he reached for Charlie’s mouth again. Arms wrapped around bodies as they stumbled, twisting and turning towards the double bed in the corner. Charlie’s jumper ended up hanging off the desk chair to be quickly joined by his shirt followed only slightly slower by Rob’s shirt.

As soon as skin was revealed it was kissed and stroked and worshipped in a way that left both men gasping for air.

Finding himself pushed back, Rob went with the movement and found himself on his back, Charlie climbing over him, hands constantly in motion over his chest and abdomen. He moaned as fingers tweaked his nipples, pulling them into hard nubs before they were mouthed briefly. One hand moved down to struggle with the buttons on his jeans giving him time to wonder at Charlie’s forthright actions. He hadn’t really envisioned Charlie as being the one who would take the lead so much. Not that he was complaining though. Oh no, rather the opposite. He arched into the touch at his crotch, his own hand stroking firmly down Charlie’s side, relishing the soft firmness of skin over taught muscle. The geeky clothes hide a multitude of sins, the first being what was a fantastic body.

There was tugging at his jeans and raising his hips, he allowed them to be pulled down over his thighs. Kicking his feet and a moment later they were on the floor. Without giving Rob a chance to do the same for Charlie, the former found himself pushed back onto his back again by one strong hand as his navy boxer briefs were pulled quickly down and out of the way.

He glanced down briefly, saw his erection standing hard away from his body before a warm wet heat surrounded him and his head fell back against the pillow. A deep moan ripped from his throat as the suction increased and the knowledge that this was *Charlie* doing this to him exploded through his brain.

“Oh fuck…” he breathed, head pushed as far back as it could go. He felt one hand pull the boxers off, as Charlie pushed himself further between Rob’s now spread legs. One hand gripped his thigh pushing them further apart whilst the other one started exploring. Fingers started stroking the length of him that Charlie couldn’t take into his mouth, gentle but firm, mirroring the hand that gripped his thigh.

After a few moments the hand left him only to reappear further down, cupping and rolling his balls. He could feel himself panting and was shocked at how quickly he was letting go. Charlie was hitting all the necessary marks and he could feel the rockets getting ready to go off behind his eyeballs.

As one stray fingertip brushed further down and ghosted over his entrance, he let out what he considered was a higher pitched whimper than he ever remembered himself uttering before and without any time to warn Charlie, exploded in the other man’s mouth.

“Oh God, shit, shit,” he panted, eyes squeezed tight as the after tremors rocked his body. He pushed his upper body up off he bed, hands blindly reaching out for Charlie. “Fuck, I’m sorry,” he gasped, trying to focus on the dark head now inches from his.

“What for?” a rough, husky voice asked, a hand grasping his upper arm.

“Should’ave warned you…”

He heard a gasp of laughter before his lips were suddenly claimed again. He could instantly taste himself and instead of being revolted as he might have expected, it suddenly turned him on. That was him, on Charlie, *in* his mouth. He pushed further, tongue chasing the other one, energised and aroused even straight after his own orgasm.

He pushed harder, moving until their positions were reversed. Draping himself over Charlie he proceeded to show the other man just how much he had enjoyed his attention. He loved this, stroking and kissing and mouthing male flesh. He could feel his own blood pumping and ringing in his ears. Every inch of exposed flesh was kissed and nuzzled and worshipped. Jeans and boxers were dispatched with the same haste to which his own had been and he groaned as he took the hard column of Charlie’s cock into his mouth at last.

Precome exploded onto his tongue as he laved the head intently. Teasing the slit with his tongue and then taking the whole head in as deep as he could go. Sucking hard for a few moments he pulled back to concentrate on the head, flattening his tongue to the sensitive top side. His hand gripped the rest of the length mirroring what Charlie had done to him, ensuring the whole cock was being fully attended to. His other hand stroked underneath to cup Charlie’s sack and before long a rhythm had been established. A wandering thumb pressed further back behind Charlie’s balls and was met with enthusiasm. Pulling back and ignoring the moan of protest, he pushed Charlie over until he was almost on his front. Both hands stroked across the firm buttocks and leaning over, he dipped his face between them.

At the first swipe of his tongue Charlie nearly levitated off the bed. Firmly holding him in place he continued to lick, then nuzzle then lave the tiny ring of muscle. A constant stream of nonsense was pouring forth from Charlie’s mouth, interspersed with the odd moan and gasp.

After Rob felt the tension rise to a certain point in the body beneath his, he pulled back again and flipped Charlie back over. Immediately taking his in his mouth again it didn’t take more than a few moments before he was swallowing Charlie’s essence.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck..”

Rob grinned down at the panting body. His chest rising and falling, glistening with sweat, it was still very odd to hear the other man swear. It wasn’t that he never did, but somehow it didn’t seem all that right coming out of such a mouth or such a face. He ran a hand gently across Charlie’s chest waiting for him to catch his breath.

“Jesus fuck, Rob,” was the first coherent sentence to be uttered and was met with a laugh.


Charlie rolled his eyes, before sitting up and reaching for Rob’s face with one hand. Cupping his cheek he drew the other man towards him and took his mouth in a gentle, unhurried but thoroughly deep kiss.

“Bloody excellent,” he breathed against his lips.

“Not bad yourself.” Rob returned the compliment, easing himself into the embrace.

“Thank you,” Charlie grinned.

They reclined back onto the bed still holding each other, the kisses less hurried, more lazy now the urgency had gone.

“Inappropriate eh?” Rob grinned as he settled himself within Charlie arms.

“Well, it…was,” Charlie said with a soft snort.

“Can’t think of anything more appropriate,” Rob whispered, voice soft and almost solemn, nose buried in Charlie’s neck.

“Me either,” came the soft reply.

The end.


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Heeee! I should have read this earlier, but I forgot it was here until I sorted through my communities this afternoon :D I loved this! Very nicely done!

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