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Another Rob/Charlie Fic
by elamae (elamae)
at September 29th, 2008 (06:57 pm)

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Sorry. Me again.

Second fic.

Title: Connection
Author: elamae
Fandom: Spooks Code 9
Pairing: Rob/Charlie
Rating: FRMAO
Summary: My attempt at p0rn. Not convinced by it, but it was an image that pinged into my head one night and refused to leave until it was written down.
Disclaimer:I don’t own or have any affiliation with Spooks Code 9 or Kudos. This story is a complete work of my own fiction and is not linked in any way with the show.
Authors notes: Only my second Rob/Charlie fic but they seem to be poking my muses with sharp pointy sticks at the moment. I haven’t written this much in ages! Again not beta'd so apologies for any mistakes.
Feedback: Is the marmite on my toast (I like marmite - a lot) Constructive criticism is cradled to my bosom like the blessing it is. Flames are put out by an well aimed raspberry :oP

Lying spooned together they woke gently, slowly. Rob pressed back against the warm body behind him, languid and sleepy.

Charlie slid a hand down Rob’s hip, down to his thigh and gently lifted it, urging it upwards and back slightly. One finger gently checked before in one slow, continuous glide he slid all the way in, Rob still lubricated and open from their activities of just a few hours before.

Rob let out a breath, a satisfied sound from deep in his throat as Charlie started to rock with shallow, gentle thrusts.

Spooned tight, pressed skin on skin it was more about connection than anything else. Urgency had been spent the night before. Now it was just about being together. Reaffirmation of their bond.

Rob’s hand reached backward and found Charlie’s, fingers wrapping around the long ones it found on its mate. Bracing their joined hands on Rob’s hip, Charlie nuzzled the back of Rob’s neck, lips sleepily mouthing the warm skin there as he rocked them gently.

Tucked away in their own private world, not really awake but not asleep either, it was a haven, a place of safety, security and comfort. It wouldn’t even matter if neither of them climaxed, just the act itself was enough.

However tonight Charlie managed to catch Rob’s sensitive spot inside and after a few more accurate thrusts Charlie felt the rising tension, the trembling in the body against his. The flexing of muscles around him as Rob wordlessly came squeezed him beyond breaking point and he pressed his face into Rob’s neck as he joined him in the abyss.

Within moments both men were falling back down towards oblivion, still joined.

Still connected.


Posted by: [Mickey Sixx] (mickey_sixx)
Posted at: September 29th, 2008 07:07 pm (UTC)
Code 9: Code 9

*wraps self in hot, fluffy fic* Oh, I love it. I love it alot.

Posted by: elamae (elamae)
Posted at: September 30th, 2008 05:41 pm (UTC)

Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it! I was worried as its the first fluffy/NC17 type stuff I've done for a while :o)

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